Commit Unique Mistakes with Synthetic Intelligence



Mistakes do happen and those who learn from it become better. Although! every mistake that we as an individual or group commit needs a recurrent cycle to rectify. At times one life is too short to commit all the mistakes and then learn from them. Each backpropagation due a mistake comes with an additional cost. It is then we weigh whether a mistake was worth doing or we could have avoided it.

In this beautiful world we are constrained by time, coupled with this is our limited reach. Often critical decisions that we take are executed driven by suggestions or advices from either our known kin connections, human social connections or at times we risk it out with our not so known digital social connections. There are significantly smaller occasions when such advices work or the occasion reaches its true potential. Mostly because of human inability to think beyond four items or features in a single moment we either contain ourselves, take an unknown plunge, or delay our execution until the confidence score ticks up to a threshold for the chosen decision. When an opportunity is lost, or spoiled it is then we start preaching ourselves 'hear what your heart says rather than your mind' or vice-versa. Mind seeks for logic and data whereas heart picks hope.

Well! can we mitigate such losses arising out of dilemma by both anchoring our decision on larger dependent dimensions(items) and learn it from a vast trove of experiences that come from larger territory of non-connected yet trusted identities who have surfed across a same or similar decision tide?


Limitations of human body did not limit the human brain. Some of the commoditized outcomes are machines which allow us to gust at times faster than cheetah, machines which can fly us higher than a Ruppell's griffon. Compounded vision camera combined with sensors make us if not more but as alert as a house-fly. We have adjustable ladders, escalators, and lifts to reach us higher than a Giraffe. A single Bull- dozers can raze out things faster than a cavalcade of elephants. Last but on the least, amongst the few unfortunate animals (without proper night vison) which were left for dinner, humans were one. This did not deter the race either; we developed means and ways to host midnight parties.

With commodity hardware at cheap price, extensive processing available at rent, research technologies at fingertips, and right attitude to adapt skills we just need the appropriate mindset to positively impact the race.

The 'AI winter' had its barriers, most of which has already been overcome and this will soon be forgotten. Commoditization of infrastructure, advent of GPU's in computing, opensource driven algorithmic research, interface availability and management of VPI via API, abstraction of underlying complexity with simpler package/module driven programming languages such as Python, R etc has immensely helped AI to reach it ongoing success from mere hype cycles of past.

Well, intelligence of machines is no more 'Artificial' it has become 'Synthetic'.

At Bitgram as we take baby steps to define the 'Comprehensive identities of Future' we believe these super identities which will be conceived from a human being will digitally trust, interact, understand, advice, and learn from each other. No two super identities with appropriate emotional intelligence will commit the same mistake. This will surely be an invitation to commit unique mistakes when virgin trust(read Advanced Distributed Ledgers are just the bricks) and synthetic intelligence is guiding and writing your success story.